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Cancun, Mexico, has long been regarded as one of the best vacation spots in the country. Hundreds of beach lovers, spring breakers, and luxury resort visitors flock to this Caribbean location every year.

Cancun vacation packages promise sun, fun, and relaxation to those who take advantage of them. Anyone interested in seeing what Cancun has to offer will be greeted with crystal blue waters and huge resorts.

Cancun provides exceptional luxuries.

Some vacationers are on the lookout for a unique and luxurious experience during their Cancun trip. They want to be pampered and stay in the most opulent Cancun luxury resorts. The beauty of Cancun is that there are so many luxurious resorts to select from. These fantastic resorts are sure to provide a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Cancun is one of Mexico’s most developed locations. Thus there are a plethora of hotel and resort alternatives to select from. Because of the City’s unrivaled elegance, you’ll have no trouble finding a resort that meets all of your Cancun vacation package requirements.

Why choose QWANTOUR for the best aerial luxury tours Cancun?

QWANTOUR is the very first company in the Mexican Caribbean that provides a complete transportation system for visitors. QWANTOUR has the capacity to satisfy the most particular transportation requirements of each customer, from their city or country of origin to the door of their hotel or apartment, from private aircraft to luxury naval and land transportation at the destination.

Unique features of our Cancun aerial luxury tours

Chichen Itza Aerial Experience

Visiting and learning about Chichen Itza is one of the most popular tourist activities to visit Cancun and the Riviera Maya. QWANTOUR has designed an original, high-end product for the most discerning visitors who wish to learn about one of the world’s “New Wonders of the World” and “World Heritage Sites”

Pilot for a day

QWANTOUR provides a comprehensive one-day program with the following modules: Principles of Flight, Theoretical Induction, Simulator Training, Real Flight, and Certificate of “Pilot for a Day” for individuals who have always desired to fly a real plane but needed an extra motivation.
The “Pilots for a Day” will be immersed in the world of aviation for the whole day. They will be aided by experienced and recognized pilots with whom they will engage so that they may have a thorough understanding of aviation in a single day.

Whale Shark Over flight

During the whale shark season, QWANTOUR offers daily morning flights for people interested in learning more about the habits of these magnificent creatures.
Because the animals are constantly moving, the trip does not have a set time; nevertheless, we continue flying at a safe height for up to 20 minutes once the animals are identified. Passengers will be able to shoot photographs and films with considerable freedom and privacy during this period, without being bothered by other passengers.
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